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Where Your Health Flourishes - From Surviving to Thriving

You’re one of the 'Can Do People' –

the optimists, the believers, and the champions of your well-being. 

  • ​​Ever wondered if a solution exists for that persistent, tough-to-crack condition?

  • Felt hesitant about taking the reins of your health.

  • Doubted if you could wave goodbye to pharmaceutical pain relief.

  • Hoped the pain would naturally subside, only to find it persisting.

  • Made multiple doctor visits, receiving advice to endure the pain and hope it vanishes.

  • Consulted with traditional doctors or specialists, receiving prescriptions, icing recommendations, and generic lifestyle changes that lacked personalization.

  • Tried to endure the pain, only to discover it exacerbated the situation.

  • Accepted the notion from friends or family that such discomfort is an inevitable part of aging.

There absolutely is a better solution…

Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding Yes! You can recalibrate your body, embracing a new normal that's not just good but downright amazing. Living without pain medication? Absolutely.

Optimizing fertility, experiencing the joy of pregnancy, and cradling your dream baby? Definitely. Squashing your personal hot flash sauna? Yes, yes, and yes!

Our healing approach is not just customized; it's a celebration of your unique body and its needs.

No cookie-cutter programs here—just a fusion of East Asian acupuncture and Integrative Medicine to create a strategy that's as effective as it is personalized.

We're All About Making Your Life Awesome:


Stay Playful - Whether you're chasing after little ones, hitting the golf course on a lazy Sunday, or gracefully mastering your yoga poses, we want you moving without a hitch.


Ditch the Pain Pills - No more cabinet scavenger hunts for relief! Painkillers might as well be party poopers for your long-term health. They just sweep problems under the rug; we prefer to tackle them head-on.

Unlock the Mystery - Let's put your mind at ease by identifying the issue and properly healing it. We're not just about masking problems; we're here to fix them. Plus, we'll toss in a set of practices that'll turbocharge your healing.

Skip the Operating Room Drama - Quick detective work (often within 20 minutes) means you won't end up on the operating table. Why go under the knife when we can get to the root of the issue?

Savor Life's Good Stuff - Reclaim those precious moments with loved ones that pain often steals from you. Say goodbye to restless nights spent wrestling with the perfect sleeping position.


In a nutshell, we're all about liberating you from the clutches of chronic aches and pains…

If you're curious about the cost and availability at our clinic in Kensington, Maryland hit that button below and breeze through our quick form!

We’ve got you. You don’t need to do this journey alone.


We’re everywhere you need us.

Back. Knees. Uterus. Head. We’ve got you covered. MD AcuMed Integrative Health, the premier holistic health center in Kensington, Maryland, champions your well-being through our distinctive blend of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Integrative Medicine.


100% Woman-Owned

As chronic pain and women’s health experts who've walked the walk, we don't just advocate for you but empower you to reach the other side.


Supporting your journey to healing since 2009

Co-founded by our dedicated Clinic Directors, Dr. Stephanie Johnson, L.Ac., and Darren Johnson, M.Ac., L.Ac., MD AcuMed Integrative Health is deeply committed to the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health of the Kensington, MD community.

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Expect change. Expect transformation. Expect healing. 


MD AcuMed Integrative Health isn't just a clinic; it's our second home. We're not your average team; we're a husband and wife duo who've got each other's backs along with yours too! 


As we work through your series of visits, not only will your chief complaint transform,

but all the other stuff you’ve got going on will change - stress, sleep,

energy level, digestion, emotions, etc. 


Our journey together will lead you back to feeling like yourself again.

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Meet Dr. Stephanie Johnson, DACM, L.Ac.

Dr. Stephanie's introduction to acupuncture was deeply personal. In 2000, after a car accident left her with a debilitating lower back injury, she underwent a transformative journey with acupuncture. Struggling with severe sciatica pain that often confined her to bed for weeks, Dr. Stephanie found relief through weekly acupuncture sessions. Her own experience, witnessing a significant reduction in pain severity, motivated her to pursue a career change.

Driven by this inspiration, she returned to school and earned her Masters of Acupuncture, Masters of Chinese Medicine, and Doctorate of Acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrative Medicine (formerly Tai Sophia Institute) in Laurel, Maryland. Dr. Stephanie now also serves as Adjunct Faculty at the university.

For Dr. Stephanie, nature is a wellspring of rejuvenation and comfort. Integrating her observations of the natural world into the treatment room, she emphasizes the profound connection between nature and our well-being.

Beyond her work with patients, Dr. Stephanie finds joy in culinary exploration, constantly researching and sharing new recipes with her family. Whether tending to blooming flowers or planning her next travel adventure, she embraces a balanced lifestyle.

A fervent advocate for the delicate balance between work and play, Dr. Stephanie encourages her patients to embrace the importance of adult playtime. She reminds us that it's not just for children; it's a fundamental aspect of leading a healthy life. In her wise words, "If healing were easy, we'd all be well!"

Meet Darren Johnson, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Darren's journey into the realm of acupuncture unfolded serendipitously. While working as a discharge planner at Montgomery General Hospital in Olney and contemplating further studies in counseling, fate intervened. A colleague pursuing graduate studies in acupuncture pointed Darren in a new and unexpected direction.

Although Darren had never experienced acupuncture himself at the time, he embraced the opportunity and applied to the Tai Sophia Institute, where he was swiftly accepted. It was during his studies, three months in, that he had his inaugural acupuncture treatment—an experience that left an indelible mark. Acupuncture, in a twist of fate, had found him, and Darren has been immersed in the depths of Chinese Medicine ever since.

Darren holds a Masters of Acupuncture and Masters of Chinese Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Medicine (formerly Tai Sophia Institute). Additionally, he has earned certifications in Sports Medicine Acupuncture from Matt Callision and Electro-Acupuncture from Jeremy B. Steiner.


Apart from acupuncture, Darren discovers inspiration on the water, navigating the Potomac River on while white-water paddleboarding. On land, he enjoys skiing and biking with his family, often embarking on day trips to Alexandria or Harper's Ferry. 

In the treatment room, Darren draws on his outdoor experiences, offering metaphors for navigating life's challenges. He encourages his patients with the same "can do" mindset that guides him when tackling new waves or skiing down black diamond slopes.

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