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We promise to leave you feeling better than when you arrived. 


We specialize in chronic health conditions, create holistic tailored treatment plans per patient and work with ancient techniques with a modern touch.


We specialize in treating seemingly hopeless, difficult to treat conditions - allergies/allergy elimination, pain management & neurological disorders - specifically neuropathy, along with Weight Loss, Women’s Health, and Sports medicine.  We believe it’s possible to heal and live a more fulfilling, healthier, and hopeful life.  


Are you wondering if there is a solution for your chronic pain? Are you struggling to reclaim your health? Pondering if there’s a better healing approach than relying on pain meds? Feeling hopeless that you will never get your health back? 


There absolutely is a better solution…

  • You can rebalance your body to feel phenomenal. 

  • You can tap into your body’s innate, natural healing ability.

  • You can reclaim your health. 

  • You can realize your dream of having a baby to snuggle. 

  • You can discover what it’s like to live with less pain and no pain meds.

  • You don’t need to live in chronic pain!


We’ve got you. You don’t need to do this journey alone.


We offer a personalized, integrative approach to care for you and the entire family. We match treatment programs based on each individual’s unique needs to achieve optimal health.

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Expect change. Expect transformation. Expect healing. 


We’re committed to helping you feel better. We offer you hope that transformation is possible. Giving you the courage to envision a more joyful life.  


As we work through our series of visits, not only will your chief complaint transform,

but all the other stuff you’ve got going on will change - stress, sleep,

energy level, digestion, emotions, etc. 


Our journey together will lead you back to loving life. 

Meet Dr. Stephanie Johnson, DACM, L.Ac.

Dr. Stephanie was introduced to acupuncture as a patient back in 2000 after injuring her lower back in a car accident. She would be walking and her legs would give out, leaving her bed ridden with debilitating pain for days or weeks, unable to move. After receiving weekly acupuncture treatments, Stephanie reduced her leg collapses and shooting sciatica pain episodes to one to two times a year, with much less severity, and finally getting her life back. The first-hand experience left such an impression that led to her changing careers and heading back to school to receive her Masters of Acupuncture and Doctorate of Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Medicine (formerly Tai Sophia Institute) in Laurel, Maryland.


Any time outdoors is a time for her to recharge and unwind. “I like to bring my observations from nature into the treatment room to remind patients about our interconnectedness with nature and how it affects our health.” When she’s not in the treatment room, one can find her researching new recipes to test out on her family, planting flowers or planning that next travel adventure. Finding balance between work and play is something she shares with patients and the importance of adult playtime. It’s not just for kids and is an essential component for healthy living. “If healing were easy, we’d all be healthy!” says Dr. Stephanie.

Meet Darren Johnson, M.Ac. L.Ac.,

Darren worked at Montgomery General Hospital in Olney as a discharge planner and was contemplating an advanced degree in counseling when one of his colleagues, who was attending graduate school for acupuncture, suggested he check it out. Without ever receiving acupuncture, Darren applied and was accepted to Tai Sophia Institute, instantaneously falling in love with the modality. He finally received his first acupuncture treatment three months into his schooling and was hooked. One could say acupuncture found him and he’s been exploring and learning about Chinese Medicine ever since!


Darren finds his inspiration while white-water paddleboarding on the Potomac River. You can find him a few days a week meeting up with other paddle boarders at Dawn Patrol to surf a few waves at Little Falls on the Potomac. He really perfected his paddle boarding skills during the pandemic. It was the one place to let off some steam and get a great workout. When he’s not on the water, one can find him skiing, or biking with his family to Alexandria or Harper’s Ferry. In the treatment room, he offers up metaphors for moving through difficult challenges using the fear he’s faced tackling a new wave or skiing a black diamond while embracing a “can do” mindset that helps with the healing process.

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