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"What to Expect with an Acupuncture Treatment Plan"

Updated: Mar 27

When someone finishes a course of treatment, the number one question is:

Now that my acupuncture pathways are in balance, how do I keep feeling amazing?

Here’s the short answer: Come back before you feel like CRAP!

Once you are done with your course of treatment we will recommend a maintenance plan that works well for YOU. We begin maintenance when AcuGraph shows that your body is balanced AND when your symptoms dissipate.

How often to come in for maintenance treatment varies from patient to patient. On average, a monthly wellness session is ideal. If you have more extreme degenerative conditions in your body, your maintenance schedule may look a little different (every 2-3 weeks).

The best way to recognize when your body is out of balance is to pay attention to your symptoms. Each acupuncture pathway has symptoms related to imbalances. Some of the symptoms over lap. The basic message is the same.

This next part is really important…

Listen to your body. Here’s a list of general symptoms related to each acupuncture pathway. If you are feeling any of these symptoms, you know that your body is out of balance and that you need to come in for a tune up.

  1. Lung: fatigue, shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma, and a weakened immune system

  2. Large Intestine: constipation, diarrhea, poor digestion, shoulder pain, scapula pain, neck pain, headache

  3. Stomach: stomach ache, bloating, gas, pain after eating, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, acid reflux, bad breath

  4. Spleen: over-thinking, over-worry, can’t turn your brain off to sleep at night, aching muscles throughout the body, craving sweets, chronic fatigue, bloating, gas, indigestion, edema, brain fog

  5. Heart: palpitations, a tendency toward anxiety, and difficulty falling asleep

  6. Small Intestine: stress, headache, jaw clenching, neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, palpitations, and digestive disorders

  7. Bladder: headache, neck pain, back pain, problems with urination, neurological conditions

  8. Kidney: low back pain, knee pain, frequent urination, incontinence, premature ejaculation, low libido

  9. Pericardium: anxiety, palpitations, high blood pressure, and problems with circulation

  10. Triple Energizer: a weakened immune system, digestive disorders, menstrual disorders, and hormone imbalance.

  11. Gallbladder: tension, stress, shoulder pain, headaches, jaw clenching, low back pain, sciatic pain, menstrual disorders, and insomnia.

  12. Liver: shoulder tension, headaches, stress, frustration, depression, pain in the ribs, difficulty relaxing, PMS, low libido

Don’t ignore your symptoms or shrug them off, the sooner you come back, the easier it will be to re-balance the body and get you back on track...that’s the power of making it to maintenance!

Give us a call. We’ll do a tune-up so you can start feeling great again!

In partnership,

Dr. Stephanie Johnson and Darren

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