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“Acupuncture for Weight Loss Really Works!”

By Dr. Stephanie Johnson, DACM, L.Ac.

MD AcuMed Integrative Medicine

Well, it's hard to believe Spring has arrived. All the flowers have popped and it's made me want to pull out my flowy sundresses.

How's your year going so far? Are you accomplishing what you want? One of my goals this year is to stay fit and healthy while hanging out with family. Recently, I've hit a few road bumps with my health journey. My mom's health took a downward turn in mid-February. It's been a rough, emotional two months. And, I've noticed falling back into old emotional eating habits.

Before I knew it, I was eating comfort foods I know create an inflammatory response in my body. Things like mocha lattes with whole milk, cheese pizza, baked goods, ice cream and lots of candy. My circumstances, no kitchen and relying on hospital cafeteria food, made it a challenge to find quick, healthy, grab and go foods and so I gained back some weight.

I could've panicked but I didn't. I've learned from The AcuPlus Weight Loss Program™ I had all the tools needed to recalibrate. I regrouped and forged ahead, eating foods that make my body feel good. You’d be surprised by how many foods you eat and think are healthy, actually contributing to your inflammation, body aches, sleepless nights, brain fog, and fatigue. I know this innovative approach changed my way of looking at food, health, and nutrition.

Here's what I did ...

  1. Created a plan. I followed the plan steps to reset and clear inflammation from my body. After two-weeks of refocusing, I'm just a few pounds away from my feel good place.

  2. Focused on preparing my meals ahead of time. I'd gotten out of the habit, which led to impulse, mindless eating. Now, when I have a weekend trip to care for my mom, I come prepared with all my healthy food options.

  3. Stepped up my mindset work. It was amazing to see when confronted with a stressful situation, my mindset tanked and I wanted to gobble down junk food. I thought I’d mastered staying out of reaction. My mind quickly began to spiral into a negative vortex. Thankfully, I quickly readjusted and began listening to my go to meditations on the Insight Timer app. It truly made a huge impact, creating greater inner calmness.

  4. Made healthier food choices. I stopped daily eating food that I know creates inflammation in my body. The puffiness under my eyes is gone. I’m back to falling asleep within 15-minutes instead of three hours!!!

I learned it's easy to get back to your happy place when you have a clear path to follow. Combined with my regular acupuncture treatments, it was super easy because my body was already in balance. Tweaking my habits brought me quickly back into alignment.

I’m only planning two more cohorts* for our weight loss program this year. So, now’s your chance to jump onboard if you want more exclusive tips and to join our unique weight loss program.

The next cohort begins April 15, 2023, just in time to get you feeling vibrant and excited about summer!

Here’s a quick link below where you can sign-up:


Dr. Stephanie

*limited to the first 10 people that commit.

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