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"Can Acupuncture Help Asthma?"

Meet Allan. He’s 58 years old, a pharmacist, and has had asthma since childhood. As a young child, he experienced multiple bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia that led to one of his lungs not properly functioning. This resulted in him using an inhaler almost daily throughout his childhood and into his teen years. Once he entered adulthood, he began using a nebulizer, sometimes 2-3 times per day to breathe.

Now it’s 2023 and he’s surviving with only one functioning lung. After getting COVID last year, he continues to suffer with after-effects from the virus, which has really negatively impacted his health. Sadly, he’s needed to increase using his nebulizer up to SIX times per day just to keep breathing.

Nebulizer: A small machine that turns liquid corticosteroid medications into a mist. The patient breathes the mist through a mouthpiece. The steroid calms the inflammation in the lungs so the patient can breathe properly.

Very short stints of Corticosteroids are tolerable—but the side-effects are not so pleasant when taken on a long term basis. They can wreak havoc on the body causing swelling in the legs, mood swings, high blood pressure, fluid retention, and a weakened immune system.

Allen was well aware that taking daily steroids posed long-term, harmful health risks. He’s a pharmacist. He’d know. The problem was he didn’t have another option and he was stuck.

What could he do next, since he was already using a

nebulizer SIX times a day to breathe?

Well, he could carry a portable oxygen tank on his back to work, bike, vacation, or enjoy life… That certainly doesn’t sound like fun, now does it?

Something had to give.

While enjoying an evening dinner, a doctor friend suggested acupuncture as an option. The doctor had observed several patients who were seeing incredible results for asthma. He asked his friend, “What do you have to lose?”

Working in the pharmaceutical industry for 25+ years, Allan shared with us that he was hesitant at first to schedule. He had a deep understanding and knowledge of how prescription drugs worked but wasn’t certain how acupuncture worked. He pushed aside his skepticism and booked an appointment anyway.

As we like to say, “the rest is history”. If you met Allan today, he’d be quick to share his acupuncture experience and encourage you to just go for it!

“You’d be silly to not consider acupuncture. By far, it’s the absolute, BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. I still don’t comprehend it, but I don’t need to know ‘cause I feel so much better! And, I’m now down to using my nebulizer once every few days…maybe?”

Our practice specializes in a unique combination of proven ancient techniques with a modern touch utilizing multiple modalities you won't find at other clinics - AcuGraph Analysis, Medical Ozone, and Microcurrent treatments. This enables us to create holistic tailored treatment plans based on patient needs.

Our asthma and allergy patients are ecstatic realizing the freedom and joy acupuncture brings into their lives. As their asthma becomes controlled, then patients are transitioned to a monthly or seasonal Wellness Plan to maintain optimal lung function.

“I might only have one good lung,

but I can finally thrive and live my life!”

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, allergies and asthma are fully treatable especially with our Easy Breathe—Allergy/Asthma Relief Program™. Don’t wait until you are 58 years old, like Allan, to find a simple solution to breathe easier. We suspect you’ll probably feel much happier if you did sooner rather than later!

Reach out to set up a consultation if you or someone you love is struggling with asthma or allergies. We have EFFECTIVE and LIFE CHANGING solutions.

MD AcuMed Integrative Health


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