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Leading from the Heart

Updated: Feb 28

Apparently, I’m big into experiential learning and rocking the boat…save me from myself. ‘Cause why maintain the status quo and make life easy if I can shatter the norm.

In the past 18-months, I’ve literally toppled EVERYTHING in my practice and personal life. Call me crazy…I mean I did birth a love-bug, little boy at 51 during a pandemic…so there’s gotta be a lot (or a little) crazy in here!

My epiphany… why not change up my practice? New name. New location. New business partnership. New programs. New modalities. New systems. New marketing. Merge practices. Good decisions. Bad decisions. Stumbling and bumbling, figuring out what works and doesn’t.

Lol - lordy, lordy did I learn a ton…some days more than I bargained. Growth and change are painful. Birthing a new vision pushes ALL the buttons. Some days I wanted to quit; poke my eyeballs, scream. Other ones, I celebrated, marveling how I’d mastered a steep learning curve.

More importantly, I stopped trusting my intuition. I began listening to others. Following. Not leading from my heart. I was left feeling less authentic, less heart-centered. I missed my old self.

Recalibrating, I’ve sorted through some serious junk and nonsense that didn’t work for me, returning to my authentic essence. Phew, the realignment revitalized my soul and practice.

What keeps me going…heck, what KEEPS you going?

This past year has been transformational… in the busyness of creating and doing, I lost sight of what matters. I am back. I’m embracing that I “beat to a different drum” and what works for others, isn’t my path. I’m meant to trail blaze ahead.

I’m allowing the journey to unfold, being in the flow…it feels good. I feel like I’m emerging from a crystalline cocoon, seeing the world and spirit anew.

If you want to get your flow back, transform your spirit or maybe tweak that pain you’ve got, then I’m your gal. Reach out, schedule an acupuncture appointment and I will “hold your hand”, gently guiding you to the life you want. Much love peeps!

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