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Long Hauler’s Syndrome: It's TREATABLE!

Long Hauler’s Syndrome…

It’s an old phrase, “long hauler”, with an entirely new meaning. Not too long ago, it referred to a truck driver who needed to stay overnight because the trip was too long to finish in a day. Now it’s a “syndrome”…

“A condition experienced by someone who has not fully recovered from a Covid-19 infection.”

We’ve learned that the condition presents with a complex, complicated list of chronic conditions which seem to linger and multiply over time. The sad truth is a variety of these symptoms present for weeks, months, or even over a year and beyond for some long haulers. These symptoms appear to randomly express with no real explanation as to why. Many others are excited to see their symptoms vanish, then surprised when they morph back months later.

Brain Fog

Shortness of Breath

Chest Pain




Body Ache


Joint Pain


Lingering loss of taste/abnormal taste

Lingering Loss of smell/abnormal smell

Memory Problems

High Blood Pressure

Blood Clotting

Skin rashes/Sensitivities

Allow me to share a story about a robust, vibrant young guy in his early 30’s, who recently visited our office desperate for help.

Here was a young man in the prime of his life, presenting as a muscular, athletic, outgoing, go-get ‘em type of guy. He was usually a pretty upbeat, energized person most of the time. Then suddenly he felt positively miserable . . . all the freakin’ time.

He couldn’t figure what had happened to him. He ignored the malaise for several months, while doing all the “right things” to make himself feel better. His friends and family began to notice, asking him what was wrong. He didn’t have an answer and he was becoming increasingly depressed and agitated that nothing was improving despite his best efforts. That’s when his doctor recommended he give acupuncture a try, so he gave us a call.

At his initial visit, he shared a litany of symptoms . . . Tiredness, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Body Aches, Depression, Anxiety, etc. You get the picture, he wasn’t feeling great.

When he and I finally met, I’d been treating post COVID patients for over 18 months . . . I’ve come to learn and recognize Long Hauler’s Syndrome resembles many autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Think about it for a minute . . . COVID-19 is like the Godzilla of super viruses that violently attacks the immune system, causing havoc and disruption in the entire system due to being overloaded. Many people’s bodies cannot process the attack, leaving them with lingering symptoms.

In reviewing his history, nothing unusual presented that would indicate an autoimmune type condition, so I suspected Long Hauler’s Syndrome was the cause.

That’s when asked if he had had COVID. He shared:

“Hmm. . . honestly, I don’t know. A few months back, I

had a stuffy nose and slight cough but I got over

it really fast. I figured it was the beginning of allergies.

I never did get tested because I didn’t lose

my sense of taste or smell.”

I got him set-up on our “Post COVID Treatment Program” and very quickly he was back to feeling like his old self. This guy has been so happy with his results that he’s become my biggest cheerleader!

Check out the brilliant, happy smile on his face. Bringing smiles to our patients is one of the many perks of our work. There are a couple other things that make me giddy with happiness about our Post COVID Treatment Program.

1. Doctor Referrals.

A huge THANK YOU to his doctor for suggesting acupuncture. Not many doctors understand the value of acupuncture for post COVID symptoms. Fortunately, the word is spreading in our community.

Daily we receive phone calls from patient’s whose doctors have heard the success stories from our clinic helping people with Long Hauler’s Syndrome.

Unknowingly we’ve spent the last two decades preparing for these unusual and difficult to treat conditions. We’ve been integrating modern science with Chinese medicine for several years.

This combined, modern approach is what sets our clinic apart when treating Long Hauler’s Syndrome. Collaborating with the best doctors in the country, we’ve established an innovative scientific treatment strategy that works.

Come visit us to discover how we can get you back to loving life again!


~Dr. Stephanie and Darren

MD AcuMed


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