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"Migraine Acupuncture" - How to Tame Them

By Dr. Stephanie Johnson, L.Ac. and Darren Johnson, M.Ac., L.Ac.

“I can’t function at home or at work. I lay in bed with such intense neck and head pain that I can barely move. When I do get going. I feel super nauseous,

and can’t think straight. These springtime migraines make it so hard to function.” - Melissa H.

Melissa H. has suffered from intense migraines for the past several years. For most of the year they remain under control with the help of medications. However, every Spring her medications no longer effectively work.

Once Spring hits, Melissa finds the migraines start to happen more frequently and intensely. Usually, she notices it starts as a little neck tension, leading to a headache, then blossoming into a full blown migraine with a visual kaleidoscope effect and nausea. The pain is often worse on days where she experiences more frustration and stress. Can you relate?

Migraines affect over 10% of people in the United States, and two-thirds of those are women. Imagine having multiple migraines a month, and still attempting to function on a daily basis, it’s impossible.

In Chinese medicine, it’s said our bodies are connected to seasonal changes and energetic shifts found in nature. With Spring officially starting soon, this means our body’s energy is rising, similar to a flower sprouting through the ground. When a person is in harmony with nature, they can smoothly ride this season out.

When the energy is blocked in your acupuncture pathways, it can be expressed as forms of depression, bitterness, or unhappiness. In excess, this energy shows up as HUGE emotional outbursts. This comes from intense emotions bubbling to the surface - anger, frustration, irritation. For some, it feels like a pressure cooker, ready to BLOW!

On a physical level this can lead to migraines, tension headaches, eye twitches, or neck pain. It can make you feel like crawling out of your skin, feel like throwing things, frequently picking fights, cutting off people while driving or flipping them off. When you are raging inside, it's hard to know how to tame the inner beast.

Exploding or repressing intense emotions is a normal coping strategy. Give yourself some grace if this has been your coping mechanism but now you seek a better, more balanced approach. When these intense emotions show up, it’s actually a GIFT to your body, serving as an opportunity to face and release these feelings.

Before we go further, we want you to feel HOPE. Take a deep breath, smile, and listen closely… If intense emotions are bubbling up, it means you are ready to release them. This is where acupuncture shines.

Most people don't realize acupuncture is an incredible solution to manage these emotional outbursts AND associated pain. There are some very specific treatments to quickly help you "calm the heck down". The good news is acupuncture can also help rebalance these intense emotions, so you can express your anger in a healthier, more mindful way.

After some research, Melissa H. discovered acupuncture could provide relief for the irritability and frustration that were causing her migraines. At first, she was skeptical about what to expect with treatment and was pleasantly surprised when she quickly benefited with less intense, debilitating migraines and more calmness.

As treatment progressed, Melissa expressed her gratitude to the practitioners at MD AcuMed Integrative Health in Kensington for drastically improving her life - no more laying in bed on the weekends; no more missing days at work. Instead, she now spends time with her family and friends doing all the activities she loves, without the worry of missing out. Just in time to enjoy Spring on a hike or bike ride!

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible to find relief. It didn’t happen overnight but slowly I began to see improvement, and it enhanced my life after each treatment, until the pain was gone. I was shocked and relieved.” - Melissa H.

Our emotions impact the acupuncture pathways that run throughout our bodies. The acupuncture pathways affect our physical and mental health. When you have an unresolved or over-reactive response, it leads to imbalances in the body’s pathways that can cause pain. Think of it as your body’s own massive highway system that occasionally experiences roadblocks or detours. When energy is properly redirected, it allows you to get things done, plan for the coming year, create clarity in conversation and interactions.

Melissa happily reports, “If you want an authentic, healthy way to channel your inner frustration or irritation, go directly to Dr. Stephanie or Darren - NOW... Do not wait. They helped harness my lioness roar!”

If you experience frequent migraines, headaches, tension headaches, or neck pain and want some relief, reach out to set up an acupuncture evaluation. Under the guidance of a skilled, expert acupuncturist, it only takes a little nudging to gently ease the body back into balance and relieve pain.

Happy Spring!

Dr. Stephanie and Darren

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