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Peripheral Neuropathy: Her Toes Were Numb…

What do cats and peripheral neuropathy have in common?

Keep reading. I’m about to tell you. If you love cats, then this story is going to make you giggle.

Chris, from Kensington, MD, LOVES cats. She is kind of like a cat whisperer. She told us that she has never gone out to find a new cat to add to the family. They always find her. She has several that live inside her house, and many more who live outside. Strays just show up at her house when they are sick, hungry or in need.

In the midst of caring for her cat family, Chris also suffers from Type 2 Diabetes induced Peripheral Neuropathy. Her symptoms have been progressing for many years—burning, pain, tingling, and loss of balance,

She’s done all the “things” to help stop the progression of her neuropathy—doctors, specialists, dietary, etc. No one could help her. She knew that her symptoms had gotten worse, but she didn’t realize the extent of the progression.

Back to the original question... What do cats and peripheral neuropathy have in common?

A Lesson from her CAT

In Chris’s case, one of her cats helped her to recognize that her Peripheral Neuropathy had gotten out of control.

One evening, Chris was relaxing in her living room with her feet up, reading the newspaper. She paused to look up over the edge of the paper, and realized that her cat was licking her toes…. She didn’t FEEL the cat licking at her toes. She SAW the cat licking her toes.

Okay. Let’s think about that for a moment…

If a cat were licking MY toes, I’d know it immediately! I’d be fidgeting. I’d be laughing. I’d possibly be wiggling my toes to shoo the cat away—because I’m ticklish!

When a cat licks your toes, you know it, right? Cat tongues are slightly dry and a little bit prickly like sandpaper. The feeling of a cat licking your toes is very distinct and recognizable.

Chris could NOT feel the cat licking her toes because

the nerves in her feet were dying.

Her Peripheral Neuropathy

had progressed to a new stage.

Not being able to feel your cat lick your toes may not seem like a big deal, but it is. It means that your feet are numb, your neuropathy is progressing, and you need help.

The Progression of Peripheral Neuropathy

The first stage of peripheral neuropathy is pain. Damage is caused by a lack of blood flow to the nerves in the hands and feet, which leads to a lack of nutrients that causes degeneration of the nerves.

You feel burning, tingling, sharp pains, and feeling as if you are walking on tacks or marbles. As the nerves “die” the pain eventually subsides and the numbness sets in. Unfortunately, the numbness brings with it a whole other host of problems.

  • Loss of balance

  • Trouble feeling the gas pedal or the break when driving

  • Wounds in the feet

  • Inability to wear shoes

  • Loss of freedom

A NEW Solution for Neuropathy

This was Chris’s situation. She began searching once again for solutions and found an article in the local Kensington Neighbors magazine featuring Dr. Johnson and her experience with difficult to treat pain related conditions. She was intrigued, and hopeful.

“Dr. Johnson specializes in neurological chronic pain conditions and is using the time tested science of acupuncture and a technology originally developed by NASA that assists in increasing blood flow and expediting recovery and healing to treat Peripheral Neuropathy.”

“She’s been treating the senior community for over 16 years using the most cutting edge and innovative integrative medicine. Specializing in chronic pain cases, specifically those that have been deemed ‘hopeless’ or ‘untreatable’, she consistently generates unparalleled results.”

Chris met with Dr. Johnson for a consultation and made the decision to begin treatment right away. Within a few short months of receiving treatment for her Peripheral Neuropathy at MD AcuMed, life changed in a positive direction for Chris.

As you can imagine, Chris was very excited each time she felt a new sensation in her feet along her acupuncture journey. She’d come in bubbling with joy when she had something new to share. Our whole staff was cheering her on.

"I can feel my toes rubbing against

each other for the first time in over a year.”

"My feet aren't cold anymore.”

"I can wear socks without pain.”

"I can walk through the grocery store without pain.”

"My foot cramps have stopped, no more

‘wandering toe’ that used to wake me up at night.”

Her doctor told her there was nothing that could be done, and that her only option was to ‘live with it’—taking Gabapentin and Neurontin to manage the pain. Well, here's the thing. She listened to what her doctors told. She did 'live with' her neuropathy and it kept getting worse.

Luckily, she found Dr. Johnson and her team at MD AcuMed. She is now living life BETTER.

Okay, so back to the cats. Here’s the report Chris gave us the last time she came in…

“These are definitely not the same feet I came in here with.

Once again, I can feel my cat licking my toes.”

~Chris H.

If you or someone you love is suffering from neuropathy (or chronic pain) which is gradually getting worse, give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our practitioners. Don’t wait. Call today. 301-592-9355

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