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Wear the Sparkles

For years, I’ve resisted wearing sparkling sequins.

Well, that’s only partially true. I once had a red, sleeveless, sparkly, sequin shirt I’d pull out every Christmas. It was my one bling, bling shirt. It made me feel festive.

My now husband, then boyfriend, declared one day that he hated sequin sparkles. And, there went my sparkle shirt, off to the thrift store give away box.

Prior to that sparkle shirt, I refused to wear them. I thought they were gaudy and tacky.

I really think it’s linked to the trauma of watching too much Tammy Faye Bakker back in the day. Heck, I don’t even know if she ever wore sequins but my kid brain made a negative association with sequins from this early, imprinted memory.

I still don’t know why I let go of that red sparkle shirt…well, maybe, I do. I was too afraid to show too much inner sparkle.

I’ve spent much of my life shrinking. Playing small. Not going big. Not being too sparkly as to not overwhelm others.

Well, today I decided I had enough.

I wasn’t looking for it. Yet, a red and gold sequin dress found me. I couldn’t decide whether I needed to buy it or not. I picked it up. Put it back down. Picked it up again.

Every time I picked up that shimmery, sparkly dress, I was filled with a giggle and overwhelming joy. Just holding the dress made me smile and laugh. My inner voice shouted, “Buy the damn dress Stephanie!”

I put my dress on soon as I got home this evening. Before my eyes, I watched a transformation unfold. My mood lighten. I lite up with pure happiness. My eyes twinkled with mischievousness.

I found my sparkle when I put on that dress.

And, guess what, my husband broke into a huge smile and laughter too. I'd say sparkles makes us all a little bit happier.

Buy the damn, sparkly, sequin dress. You just might find your inner sparkle too.

Much love,

Dr. Stephanie

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