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"What Are Your Emotions Trying to Tell You?"

Don’t you just LOVE acupuncture?

We know we're biased, but seriously… It’s the most perfect “holistic” healing practice we have found. We are continually amazed that 5,000 years ago ancient healers recognized the whole body needed treated in ord

er for healing to occur. When the whole body is treated, real healing takes place. AcuGraph allows us to see the progress in real time.

Let’s talk about symptoms…

Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is off. Symptoms are related to imbalances in the body. Each acupuncture pathway has related symptoms, which tells a story.

Muscular Pain and Tension

Internal Organ Symptoms


Let’s peek into ONE acupuncture pathway and see how so many symptoms can be tied together.

The Small Intestine Pathway

  • Muscular: Tension in the shoulders leads to neck pain, jaw clenching, and headaches.

  • Internal Organs: That muscle tension then leads to blockages internally, which affect the eyes, ears, heart, stomach, intestines, and even the knee. Once this pathway is blocked internally you might experience symptoms of ringing in the ears, dizziness, insomnia, heartburn, digestive issues, and knee pain.

  • Emotions: Eventually, the emotions of that pathway begin to surface as mania and anxiety.

This next part is important… A lot of people forget or don’t realize that extreme emotions are a message from your body that it’s time to readjust.

  1. Lung: grief, worry, sadness depression, repressed emotions, a tendency toward crying often.

  2. Large Intestine: repressed emotions, difficulty letting go of old emotions that are no longer helpful, a sense of feeling out of control.

  3. Stomach: worry, over thinking, depression, anxiety, mania, PTSD.

  4. Spleen: worry and over thinking, stuck in the same behavior patterns, mental fatigue, anxiety, stress.

  5. Heart: mania (over-joy, over-excitement), anxiety, agitation, feeling uneasy.

  6. Small Intestine: mania (over-joy, over excitement), anxiety with lack of discernment.

  7. Bladder: fear of letting go; shock, jealousy, suspicion, holding onto longstanding grudges.

  8. Kidney: fear of life transitions.

  9. Pericardium: depression, anxiety, panic, paranoia, irritability, sadness, repressed emotions.

  10. Triple Energizer: inability to freely express emotions, emotional outbursts.

  11. Gallbladder: indecisiveness, lack of direction, self doubt, low self esteem, fear of making decisions.

  12. Liver: anger, frustration, irritability, resentment, mood swings.

Are any of the above emotions keeping you from feeling your best?

The good news is we know how to help you balance your emotions. Once your body is in balance, your emotions will level out as well.

Isn’t acupuncture amazing?

Give us a call: 301-592-9355. We are happy to do an AcuGraph analysis to see what is out of balance and help you feel better.

Kind regards,

Dr. Stephanie and Darren

Your healing journey begins here. Because life is better when you feel better.

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